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Hello group

I was wondering if I could get some advice on wireless networking?

I have two laptops:

One is connected to the internet via the cable line (ADSL) and has an ADDON wireless LAN adapter plugged in as well. Its OS is Windows 2000.

The other is a wireless laptop that I hope to connect to the internet through the other wired laptop.

Is this possible? Have I got all the right equipment?

At the moment the wireless laptop picks up the neighbours network but mentions nothing about ours, even though it is sat right next to the USB network adapter. All drivers have been instaled and it flashes??

Any help would be appreciated.


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You need both of your wireless adapters to be in "ad hoc" (rather than "infrastructure") mode to network to each other. Be *sure* to secure the connection (e.g., 128-bit WEP with strong password). Then you should be able to use Internet Connection Sharing in the laptop with the wired connection.

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John Navas

you should consider either a wireless ap or upgrading your modem to wireless for the best flexibiltiy .

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Also, run the MS XP home networking wizard on BOTH machine and set up file/printer sharing to complete your internet capable home network.

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