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Recently in my company we have replaced the antenna on the roof as well as the coaxial cable that is connected to it. We have two other locations that we are feeding Internet to from our location. The connection speed fluctuates, I send pings to both locations and sometimes I get replies ranging from 400ms to 12ms. The coaxial cable connects to a breeze net that we have in the office, that is the only peice of hardware that we havent replaced other than the other antennas in the other buildings. We are trying to figure out what it could be that is causing these speeds to fluctuate. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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A zillion things: weather conditions, trees or leaves getting in the way, wobbly connectors somewhere or other, wobbly bearings on the antennae, interference from the guy in hut 23 with a cyclotron, from the lady with the walkabout 2.4Ghz phone, from your microwave oven etc etc.

Jeff will be along shortly, and will ask for make, model and version numbers of everything, plus heights, distances, types of cabling, quantity and types of trees, houses, airports, etc between you and your target....

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Mark McIntyre

Let me guess. An omnidirectional antenna, with LOTS of gain, fed with lots of LMR-400, and marginal waterproofing? I'll see if I can find the email I sent to someone with a similar omni install. My appologies if you did it right and use sector antennas.

On the same frequency and channel? If so, welcome to mutual or self-interference.

Only 12msec? No timeout errors? Most of my pings for local systems are 2msec or less. For long range, I have a 5 mile link that does about 5msec minimum. Are you perhaps going through a repeater (range extender) somewhere? If you're trying to measure latency on a live system, with users doing their downloading, your latency is going to look roughly like what you describe. Some firewalls are smart enough to prioritize packets and usually put ICMP pings last. If you're running QoS, that's what you'll see.

What model Alvarion BreezeNet? What coax cable? How long a coax cable? How far a path? Done any site surveys? Spectrum analyzer? How much traffic? Are you monitoring traffic? You know, like NUMBERS please.

Ummm... perhaps it's users on the wireless? Could be interference. If you get the same variations with no users on the system, then it's likely. However, you should see timeout errors and much larger variations in latency with interference.

Sorry. Feedback hurts my ears. Turn down the microphone gain.

Incidentally, if you're running a WISP, you might find this mailing list useful:

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Jeff Liebermann

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