Help please! Where to connect??

HI, I want to make a cantenna but I have some doubts. I have a WLAN Broadcom card. It has two little connectors (one says "main" and the other "aux"). Should I Solder the coaxial cable directly to one of them? If so, which one and how should this cable be properly soldered? Then What about the 2 little cables that come from the computer, should I unplug them? One of them? none??? Is there a risk to spoil the computer in any way (because of impedance or something like that)?

Hope you can help me and I'd really apreciate it. :confused:Thanks a lot.

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It sounds like you should NOT be doing this. Without even knowing the model # of the laptop or Broadcom Card.

Trying to figure out where you found wires that come FROM the computer? Is this an after-market card that you plug into the laptop? Or is it something integrated into the laptop (inside the case?)?

Most people that would connect an external antenna would use an add-on card that would take an external antenna by having a jack on it. You would use the correct coax cable with a plug (with an adaptor for the correct plug if necessary) to connect it. No soldering no impedance or anything like that.

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