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I have set up sattelite broadband due to no access to cable or dsl in my area. and then added a d- link wireless router with d link pcmia card for my laptop it is working fine in my house with ecellent signal. ( i have set up the aerial for router at window when i bring my laptop outside to a portacabin roughly 50 ft from the window i t show ok-good signal but says limeted or no connectivty icon. Any ideas what would be wrong and is there any way i could boost the signal any way just to give me a mors stady reception.

Many thanks in advance for any help

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ok, so you know the system works.

Is it definitely your router's signal? You may be detecting a neighbours router. make your SSID identifiable, so you can be sure.

Also, despite 300ft claims for wireless, lots of factors can reduce that considerably. You'll need line-of-sight, no trees, etc etc.

My suggestion would be to start off with the laptop say 10ft from the aerial and with a connection, then walk slowly away till you lose it.

you can probably improve things with a very simple antenna, such as some aluminium foil or a cantenna type. Mark McIntyre

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Mark McIntyre

Switch your router off, go to the Portacabin and explore the spectrum. If you find another network on the same channel, it could be an interference problem.

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