How to set up wireless internet?

Seeking online guide to setting up "commercial" wireless internet in motel with access points, user ID and passwords etc. Will appreciate pointers. Thanks. ps

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Google on "wifi hotspot setup" should get you started...

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Rick Blaine

Free *nix-based software exists to do anything you want. Lots of good info here;

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NYC Wireless is a great group and if you are in the area, show up. You'll meet people that have written the software that you might wind up using.

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Al Dykes

Hi Al Dykes,

I have an other approach to your case if you haven't already bought any stuff and you want start from scratch.

If you want to build your own hotspot and start selling Internet service, you can use ZyXEL G-4100 HotSpot, it's all in one, solution which includes the following:

  1. 802.11g wireless Access Point.
  2. ADSL Router.
  3. 4 port Ethernet switch.
  4. Small Thermal printer.
  5. Zero Configuration System ( Amazing, It can allow any kind of guestes IP addresses to get into the Internet without the need to modify any thing at the guest's NB or PC)
  6. Internal Billing System ( AAA service ) which can be programed to accepts credit cards as well as selling pre-paid internet time.

list price is less than $1000..

For more details about G-4100 hotspot please do visit :

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then check ZyXEL wireless products.

Good Luck!

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Al Dykes wrote:

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