Wireless Connection Randomly Drops

hi, we have bought 2 brand new Linksys WAP54G Access Points and are having the same issues with both. we have them connected to our network and in general they seem to work. But once or twice a day all connected users are chucked off and cant seem to connect for 2-3 minutes afterwards. Both APs weren't running at the same time. we have started using WPA and have used the latest firmware and tried multiple channels.

does anymore have any suggestions? do you think we need to purchase more 'business like' access points?

many thanks

Nigel :confused:

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On Wed, 9 Jan 2008 06:06:25 -0500, dabwang wrote in :

Likely causes of your problem:

  • Router choking on peer-to-peer filesharing
  • Wireless interference See wiki below for helpful tops.
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John Navas

What does your protocol analyzer log say ? Any clues ?

Karthik Balaguru

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