wireless client manager IP settings?


I have to connect with my laptop to 3 different wireless LANs using 3 different IPs. I tried many Wireless client managers but none supports settings for IP at profile creating (I can set SSID, WEP,...). What to do? Every time I connect I have to go to TCP/IP properties and change IP and gateway. Nighmare!

Thanks for help MD

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gene martinez


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use it on my laptops. When I go from client to client, each network setup is different. I tweak the settings for my current location and save them using Netswitcher. Later, I just select from a list of locations. With W2K and XP, I don't have to reboot after switching. With W98/ME, a reboot is usually necessary. I did have some problems getting my VPN settings to switch, but that was eventually solved. You will have problems switching printers that use some kind of resident "print monitor" utility that runs in the background. No fix.

The bad news is that Netswitcher will NOT save or switch the XP SP2 wireless setup or proprietary wireless driver setups. You still have to use the "show available wireless networks" and such to switch SSID's. Maybe next version.

Incidentally, MS has the concept of "locations" well defined for dialup connections. One would think that they could have suspected that users would do the same for network connections, but they didn't.

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Jeff Liebermann

I am in a similar situation and recommend

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having paid for and then abandoning Netswitcher, which I see that someone else has recommended.

The authors of both Netswitcher and Mobile Net Switch are working on versions of their software which add wireless (SSID and WEP key etc.) support to their products but I tried the betas and am sticking to Windows wireless support and only use Mobile Net Switch for reconfiguring the other settings such as ip, time zone, hosts, printer etc which change on my notebook when I move between regularly visited locations.


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Anthony R. Gold

Boingo.com works for me on WinXP-SP2. Most of the time, WinXP alone works just fine, with multiple SSID and WEP keys, but there are networks that don't have DHCP, where I have to set a static IP. Boingo handles that nicely.

If more than one WAP with coincidentally the same SSID had different WEP keys, I think I remember that you can manually select that in Boingo by "profile name", but I never used that.

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