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I connect to Plusnet and the internet using your Binatone ADSL 2100 router. I have a small wired network of 3 pc's. I am converting to wireless. So far I have added a Binatone WL1100 wireless access point and a wireless LAN PCI card to my main computer. The system works fine but........

  1. I have to re-set the wireless access point every time it is switched on.
  2. I am unable to get into the 'guts' of the wireless access point as I do not have the installation disc (and can't find anywhere to get in on the net).

I suspect the problem is due the default IP addresses. The route is and the Wireless access point is If I type this IP into my browser I am asked for a password which I don't have (admin is no good). Any idea's or suggestion, apart from getting a wireless router that is.
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Peter Main
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Well doesn't the WAP have site where you can down load the user manual? I have never used a standalone WAP but it should be like an Ethernet/ wireless AP router where you reset the router by holding down the reset button for 30 second so that it resets itself back to the out of the box default state. You can then use the default account to access the WAP that's listed in the user manual just like a router. I suspect that you don't need any CD to configure the WAP, which you should be able to do by reading the manual and doing it manually.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

You really need to find the manual for the WAP, reset it to factory defaults, and start over. Note that you need to follow the instructions carefully. For instance, Linksys WRT54G doesn't care what you use for a username, but the WAP54G requires that the username be blank (typing "admin" in the username field will result in login failure).

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William P.N. Smith

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