Mergin ADSL with SHDSL

Hi guys,

I'm trying to add to a 512Kbit leased line with 16 public IP a 1Mbit ADSL . My goal is to surf the web using the adsl and keep the leased line for the servers.

my router is a 1720 with one vic-1t and one vic-1enet on the serial is hooked the SHDSL modem on the eth1 is hooked a zyxel 623me on the fa0 are the clients

The zyxel have IP and have a route to the 1720

my config look like:

int ser0 ip address bla bla bla

int fa0 ip address bla bla bla (16 public IP)

int eth1 ip address

ip route ser0 5 ip route

the pc's are surfing using the ADSL but the server are not visible from the outside :-( What's wrong? may be NAT is missing somewhere?

Any kind of help is welcome.

PS. I'made a similar setup perfectly working with a router with 2 wan from leadfly

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Giovanni Martino
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