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Ik have a PC-based wireless network at home, with a laptop and a desktop PC. I recently bought a pink iMac DV, 440 Mhz PowerPC G3. Indeed, an oldie. How can I attach this iMac to my wireless network? I cannot find a USB-wireless adapter and moreover I read bad news about this solution. Is a bridge the best way to solve my problem?

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Klaas Jan Huizing
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It should have an internal slot for an AirPort card (NOT an AirPort Extreme). If I remember correctly it also requires a carrier for the card.

Bob W

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Bob Wardrope

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I have a slot loading iMac G3. I fitted it with an original Airport card which I bought on eBay. The card needs a separate adapter for installation. The installation is straightforward - there is already an internal anteena fitted to the iMac. It all works just fine.

I have also tested an Ethernet - wireless bridge. This also works just fine, and may be best since:

- Airport cards are quite expensive, and there's also the cost of the adapter

- the Airport only supports WEP (original software 64 bit only, 128 bit with an upgrade) and only a single key

- transpararent Ethernet bridges (often sold as a 'gaming bridge') are quite cheap, or you can also use a multi-mode access point in wirless client mode

I have tested it with the D-Link DWL-810+ and the DWL-900AP+. Both work fine, so I have no doubt that similar products will work as well.

Hope this helps

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Richard Perkin


airport supports wpa with osx 10.3/panther with all airport cards. it also supports 128 bit wep, which was added quite a while ago (over 3 years iirc). the upgrade to which you refer for wep is purely software and free. 10.3 is a paid upgrade from earlier versions (and 10.4 is about to be announced so no point in getting 10.3 now).

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Indeed. The OP did not say which OS version the iMac is running - I assumed that since he said "Indeed, an oldie" (which you snipped) that it was probably 9.1 or 9.2 and had not been upgraded to 10.n - in which case the available upgrade is to 128 bit WEP. But I could be wrong...

Kind regards

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Richard Perkin

I used a LinkSys Bridge Version 2.0 WET11 and it works great with my Blueberry iMAC

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Thanks for all your help, the bridge is my solution. KJH

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