Windows XP Wireless Zero Utility vs 3rd Party Wirelss Utilities

Which is the preferred choice to use to configure a USB wireless adapter?

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With WindowsXP-SP2, I have installed a few adapters, PCCard and USB, by having an existing internet link, and adding the new device. I don't load anything from the vendor, and I let Windows find the device driver on the web.

Then I use wireless zero for management.

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optikl wrote in news:HYmdnUptwO2O8SrfRVn-

I cannot say about a USB but I had a lot of problems getting the settings to hold on a wireless NIC using its utility on XP Pro. I abandon doing that and went right to the O/S Device Manager. I also disable the Wireless Zero Configuration Service too as that caused issues for me on the setup. After doing that, the connection became solid.

Duane :)

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Duane Arnold

Depends. Win Zero works OK, but isn't very informative, it won't tell you which channel(s) the available network(s) broadcast. The OEM utility usually has more detail and more accurate signal strength and quality indicators. On the other hand some utility progs eat memory (e.g. Orinoco / Proxim under Win 98). I tend to use the OEM utility when configuring the WIFI, once I find the best place for the signal and it's working fine I just remove it from the start-up list and rely on Win Zero icon and info. Regards, Martin

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