Generic/3rd party Wireless Configuration utility ??

I'm using Win2K with a Dell TrueMobile 1150 Mini-Pci card that I finally got to work on a Dell Lattitude 610 notebook.

I'm looking for a Generic or Universal wireless configuration utility like the one in Windows XP that I can use in Windows

2000 instead of the standard one that comes with the wireless card.

Any ideas ?



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Etop Udoh
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Etop Udoh hath wroth:

No, just an explanation. In Windoze XP, Microsloth instroduced Wireless Zero Config which is what you're looking for. It's only available for XP and has not been released for W2K. Sorry.

It would actually be fairly simple to write such a utility as all it does is act as a front end for NDIS 5.x calls. However, nobody has seen a need for the older operating systems, and XP already has one (WZC) that works.


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Jeff Liebermann

Try the free Boingo utility:

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Donald G. Davis

Maybe. I found these files which may be a W2k version. They must be from a service pack or other Microsoft Update.

Directory of C:\\WINNT\\system32

06/19/2003 12:05p 52,496 wzcdlg.dll 06/19/2003 12:05p 29,968 wzcsapi.dll 06/19/2003 12:05p 34,576 wzcsetup.exe 06/19/2003 12:05p 195,856 wzcsvc.dll 4 File(s) 312,896 bytes

From properties of wzcsetup.exe:

Installs NDISUIO transport protocol and WZCSVC service

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snipped-for-privacy@mailinator.ndg hath wroth:

Yep: C:\\WINNT\\system32>wzcsetup Usage: wzcsetup /i /u /i - to install the WZCSVC component. /u - to uninstall WZCSVC. However, it may not be Wireless Zero Config despite the name. It's part of the 802.1x authentication package. See:

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note the list of files included. Looks like they started to do Wireless Zero Config for W2K, but stopped for some reason.

Donald Davis suggested using the Boingo client. That will work.

T-Mobile also has a client program:

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There's also McAfee free WPA client at:
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can act as a connection manager.

IBM has their ThinkVantage Access Connection front end. Toshiba has their Config-Free program, which is not exactly a client manager but is close.

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