Wifi and Signal finder in one!!

Does anyone know if anyone makes anything like this? I been searching all night and its seems like such a good idea but haven't been able to find one. May have to carry both on my keycchain. If there isn't one going get:to get both and carry these but would rather have one tool but if I need to carry two I will.:

I did a bunch of research and it seems these are good along with quite small and they get good review, just want it all in one....so I don't have 2 alarm size keypads on my keys if I can, plus I don't need very must storage on the jump drive would rather have good distance on the signal finder. Also if anyone knows do they make a signal finder that identifies encryption? WEP????

Mobile Edge MEASL1 WiFi Signal Locator

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* And this Thumb Drive:

JMTek's USBDrive USB 2.0 Drive

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In anyone knows of a combo unit that does both well please let me know, i really need to get this ordered ASAP.. Thanks for any info guys and if you don't know of one may make a good business opportunity huh? I if they don't make such a thing, are these good Jump drives and WIFI signal locators, as I plan on using on my key Chain so I need it to be small and I don't need allot of storage. Again thanks guys for some of the best help around..

Thanks in advance., Tom

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