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i am having a problem running a online loan program.running When logging in, entering the loan pages, validating the loan data, pricing the loan and ratelocking, it is incredibly slow. I have tried every trick in my bag and the problem still persists.. I have tried inputting a loan submission that took 30 minutes from the time of logging in to submitting the loan. I am on a server based network and using using a laptops that is connecting wirelessly to a router and then to the server.

Do you have a suggestions as how to speed up my submission. Please be advised. when connecting to a non wireless connection everthing runs fine. But I need to use the wireless. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Michael Bower
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On Fri, 16 Jun 2006 01:24:19 GMT, "Michael Bower" wrote in :

Sounds like weak signal and/or interference. See Fast Fixes below.

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John Navas

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