Which Wireless Network Adapter, PCI card or USB

I am interested in getting a wireless adapter for my desktop to periodically hop onto ambient unsecured wireless signals to check my email. I'm wondering which make and type will work best, a PCI wireless network adapter or a USB wireless network adapter. Maybe there is no difference, but if there is I'd like to know about it. My roommate has a notebook computer and with it she finds we are in range of about six wireless networks, but all show a low or very low signal strength. So I'd be interested in an adapter that will be best at picking up these low-strength signals. Most of the networks within range appear to be Linksys. I guess that means I should probably go witrh a Linksys product to maximize the possibility of picking up the signals.


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I don't think the type of adapter is going to make a difference in getting a stronger signal from a weak one. Your best bet is to find a closer spot.

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I have tried both! I think that PCI wireless adapters can perform better than USB because PCI ones always equiped with higher gain antennas.


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Depends. Small USB dongle devices do have limited antennas. But not all USB devices are dongles, and some USB devices have better antennas than most PCI cards. Case in point: Hawking HWU8DD

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Bad analogy, as I'm sure you know.

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