VPN Client Connection Drops Using Wireless Router

I recently purchased a Belkin 802.11g Wireless Router (F5D7230-4). Everything is working great except for one thing. I'm trying to connect to my office network from home using a VPN Client (Intel NetStructure VPN Client). I can connect via the vpn client to my office network just fine with a 'wired' connection. However, if I try to use a wireless connection, my vpn client connection will disconnect after 30 to 45 minutes. I can connect with my wireless card, with the vpn client, and work on the office network just fine. But the line will drop after a certain amount of time.

Also, I'm still connected to the internet and wireless router, but the vpn client connection get disconnected.

Please help me out.


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The VPN host might have very tight timing parameters. You might ask you system administrators if they can lossen the settings a little. That worked for me. In my case, it wasn't the wireless, but an erratic cable modem that was causing the problems.

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After 30 to 45 minutes of activity or were you idle. Many wireless cards have a "power save" feature that's designed to save laptop battery power by shutting down the wireless card when it's not in use. The Windoze and the BIOS power management features do the same thing. Same with the screen blanker.

Also, I think (not sure) that the Intel Netstructure Client has a "keep alive" feature designed to prevent exactly what you're experiencing. Yeah, see 2nd paragraph:

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks for the responses.

I had already changed the Windows settings for power management to 'Always on'.

Also, after I posted the message, I logged into my office network through the vpn client and everything was working fine. I didn't receive any drop connections. Go figure!

As for the timeout and keep alive settings, I changed the "Keep alive" setting to 5 seconds and everything seems to be working great.

I'll keep you posted if I get any other results.

Also, I bought another wireless router to see if that made any difference. I bought a Linksys Wireless-G WRT54GS. It seems to work good too. Now I'm having trouble figuring which one to keep. Any advice/preferences on wireless routers?

Linksys Wireless-G WRT54GS ($90 - $10 rebate = $80) Belkin 802.11g Wireless Router F5D7230-4 ($70 - $45 rebate = $25)

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