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My home network consists of a cable modem wired to a befsr41 linksys wired router which is wired to a wrt54g linksys wireless router.

I have 3 win xp machines. 1 is wired into the the befsr41, the second is wired to the wrt54g and the third connects wirelessly to the wrt54g.

I'm told that I am using the wireless router as a switch.

On the wireless xp machine I am using a static address and on the wired router I am port forwarding 1763, 1723, 500, 47 -51 all to

When I connect to my vpn I get a system tray Icon that shows T/R traffic but once I make this connection I can no longer ping in a cmd window and my internet browser usually stops working - I think this happens all the time but i could be mistaken. If I try to browse my network I see my network but never the vpn network. So it looks like I have an established connection but i can't see anything.

The strange part is I get exactly the same results if I try to establish the vpn connection on the other two machines. Even though they both have dynamic Ip addresses and I don't change any of the port forwarding.

The only way I can make this work is to connect to the cable modem directly. Then it works like a charm. The vpn connection is just what's provided with widows xp connection wizard. Can some one please tell me how to resolve this problem? The vpn address is vpn.babson.edu

Thanks for your help

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I think what you need to do is from the 1st router (the one that's connected to the cable modem) is forward the ports to the ip address of the second router. Then on the second router (the one the pc's connect to) is forward the ports to the ip address of the pc you want to connect to...

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gene martinez

I don't know that you need to forward ports. Have you turned on VPN pass through on the routers?

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