LinkSys WAP54G Automatically Restarts


I've got 2 LinkSys WAP54G access points in my home. Each AP is set to a different channel and they have separate SSIDs. I don't want to tie them together rather they are to function independently.

Both APs are using firmware version 2.07.

One AP has been providing flawless service to my in-laws across the street (with the help of a WRE54G range extender) since last October.

The second AP is in my home office and provides service for our 2 Dell laptops and my Zaurus SL-5500. This one WAS providing flawless up until about a week when all of a sudden it decided to cycles of the "Link" and "Activity" leds flashing furiously followed by a brief period where on the "Power" led is lit. This cycle just continues to repeat making it impossible to use the laptops and the Zaurus.

Has anyone else experienced this apparent self-restarting in a WAP54G?

Any idea what might be causing it? Any possible solutions?

Thanks in advance. If you need any other info, just post you questions here.

Charlie Smith

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Charlie Smith
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