Security protocols using 802.11b and 802.11g

When using 802.11b instead of 802.11g, is there a security constraint to consider, that is will all advanced protocols (WAP, 802.1x,

802.11i) work as well ?

From what I understand, it should not make a difference. I could implement any security protocol on a 802.11b network.



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Paul Silverman
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If the firmware on the AP supports it and the driver for the wireless adapter supports it and the platform (windows etc.) supports it i.e. (802.1x) then you should be good to go. Windows XP sp2 is OK, WinXP SP1 requires a hotfix update, legacy windows 2000, 98 etc may require a 3rd party upgrade to support WPA.

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I think the only issue would be that not all older 802.11b devices support WPA. In addition, older devices are highly unlikely to support WPA2, which requires AES encryption.


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