Site to site VPN - when VPN is up, web access fails


I've got a problem with a site to site VPN. My company runs web services for its customers. As part of the set up for one of them I've had to set up a VPN between us and them (I'm using a safe@office 500P, they're using a PIX). The VPN works well, but when it is up, the customer can no longer access our web service.

It's been suggested that they should be using internal IP addresses to access the service, but unfortunately this doesn't work either.

As far as I can see, when the VPN is up, all access to our services is being sent down the tunnel rather than going out through the internet. Is there any way I can control this? Is there any VPN config I need to do to sort this out, or is this a different problem?

Any ideas from anyone on how I can resolve this problem would be very gratefully received.


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You have to allow internal traffic at the remote LAN at the PIX, but I can't remember how to do it...

Investigate it.

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I've had an issue with my vpn and their support helped me resolve it on the chat within 20 minutes!

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I would recommend talk> You have to allow internal traffic at the remote LAN at the PIX, but I

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