Very Poor wireless range on my Belkin F5D7230-4 wireless router

As stated before...

belkin is broken

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Hi, Using my X5 Dell, next to the router I get an "excellence signal", 5 foot away and its down to "good" and in the next room its "marginal", which is only 7 foot through a breeze block wall. Before you asked my walls are not lead lined.

I'm using the router only as a wireless access point connected to another modem/router. I've tried most channels 1 to 13 with no sign of improvement, and protection is off.

Are my results typical with this device or can any suggest how they could be improved. I've tried positioning the unit as high up the wall as I can. If a no go which wireless modem/router could your recommend, coverage indoors only needs to be on a radius of 50foot max.



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Thanks Smowk.

Can't find any previous references you've made to a Belkin being broken.....

But I'm returning it anyway

Smowk wrote:

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