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Well well BT have been about as useful as a chocolate fork ...

I'm tempted to go for the BT Total Broadband Unlimited (BT Home Hub with pretty DEC Phone)

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Which is supplied with AFAIK 1xUSB-A, 1xUSB-B and 2x100BaseT (RJ45)
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So as I have 2 x PC's via wired 100baseT and 1 x Laptop via WiFi (802.11g) it seems to fit the bill. However if I wanted to extend the

100BaseT ports could I use my existing Linksys WRT54G (or old Netgear MR314) as I sometimes need multiple ports when testing systems out.

I'm kinda lost here ... can I/could I disable the WiFi on the WRT54G via firmware upgrade. I know it's open source.

Scuse the ramble. Thanks

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Mr User writes: (snip)

Yes, I'd expect any of the opensource firmware upgrades to let you do this, certainly OpenWRT will even do it for model versions later than those listed on their wiki as being supported.

Good switches are so cheap these days that it may not be worth your time, though. We fill our office with little blue TRENDnet things and they've been convenient and hassle-free.

-- Mark

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Mark T.B. Carroll

can I/could I disable the WiFi on the WRT54G via

Unless there is a special version of the WRT54G for the UK, you can disable/enable wifi with the oem software.

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