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I have a new Netgear RangeMax wireless router. It services one desktop and three laptops, and generally works well. I also have a wireless ISP provider.

The problem is that when I [or any of us] first boot up it shows that I am connected but when I try to surf the web it says it can't find the page [the page doesn't matter-it's any page]. If I keep trying to go to different web sites, it will usually eventually connect after perhaps five minutes or so.

However, if I start my Atomic Clock program and check the time it will always connect, and once it does I can then access the web. That problem and solution also happens to the others that first start up their computers.

Why do you think that can't I initially connect, and why would the Atomic clock program be able to initially access the web, but our browsers can't? I'd like to fix this without having to do a work-around every time.



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