Two connections - which one works

One of my customers asked me this..... he has a Vista laptop with built-in WL adaptor.

When he is in the office, he also has docking station which has a wired connection to a USB WL adaptor (because it runs at higher speed than the built-in 11g adaptor).

He's supposed to switch off the built-in, but the other day noticed both said they were connected.

So our question is, with two connections, are they both used, or, if not, which one will be active...



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John F Kappler
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I can only tell you what happens with mine. If I run "route print" both the built in wireless and the USB wireless have the same metric and should have the same priority. However if I then run a speedtest I find that no data is transferred via the USB adapter but all through the built in wireless. I used vista to control the built in wireless and the proprietary manager for the USB wireless.

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By default, Windows gives connections with faster link speeds a lower metric (higher priority), so a 100 Mbps wired connection would take precedence over a slower wireless connection. The wireless connection wouldn't be used unless the wired connection disappeared.

I'm making some assumptions about your environment and there are other considerations for exceptional cases, but that's generally how it works.

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Char Jackson

On Tue, 18 Nov 2008 19:57:49 +0000, John F Kappler wrote in :

Only one will be used, the one with the lowest metric.

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