Can I run two routers simultaneously?

My home network has always been wired, at least partly for security reasons, partly because the wired router has more ports.

I've got a D-Link 604 which seems to be working fine.

But very infrequently, I'd like to run my Netgear WPN 824 so I can connect my back bedroom computer to the internet for updates.

I've done that (with a Linksys USB wireless I use while travelling hooked to the backroom computer), and using WEP it works. Sez signal strength is very low, but runs at 1.5 Mbps.

Unfortunately, when I disconnected the wireless router and reconnected the wired one, it took several hours to get the DHCP to give me a new IP (dunno why).

If I figured out a way to connect BOTH routers at the same time to the modem, would they fight each other for the DHCP, or could I just set one of them to a static IP which I'd get from the DHCP on the other one? The wirelss router would be powered down most of the time.

Would a switch between the modem and the two routers be the way to connect them both?

Or is diconnecting the wired router and replacing it with the wireless the only way to go?

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Morgoth Bauglir
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Why don't you just run the Netgear as an access point off the D-link?

Then have wired and wireless on the same network, and you can just turn the access point on as required if you're worried about security.

If the hardwired PCs are turned off when wireless is running, its not a security problem.



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Here's a link on it.

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Because I didn't know how to.

I got your URL below, and it seems to be exactly what I want.


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