Transmiting TV signal to WiFi laptop???

I'm having real trouble finding any info on whether this is possible, never mind how to do it!

Ideally, I want to be able to view the output from my Sky+ digibox, wirelessly on my laptop.

The ONLY solution I have seen is to use a new item, "Slingbox" connected to a wireless bridge, so the TV signal is sent across the web, but I don't need it to do as much as that. And it works out quite expensive (£230 UK, including a bridge).

I just need it to get from my living room, to my Laptop, when I am in the garden. I don't want to record, and I don't need to be able to change the channel!

Has anyone else managed to, or know how to do this, please? What equipment/software would I need?

Thanks in advance


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Chris Macnamara
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There are Video Servers available to convert CCTV camera into Network Cameras. Quality may be an issue.. Compare resolution, frame rates, MPEG 2 or 4 etc.

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be similar to Slingbox

So if you have a transmitter sending TV signals from your Sky+ digibox wirelessly and you had a TV Card for the laptop would that be what you want?

later, dave (One out of many daves)

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dave AKA vwdoc1

You may want to look into the windows media encoder setup.

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Si Ballenger

Dave, this looks perfect...if it will work in UK, and if I can get one here.



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Evil Uncle Chris

What do you mean by "a transmitter".

Most of the 2.4 GHz "wireless video senders" I've seen have been pretty crap quality. They suppy two boxes one for each end of the link.

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