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I've just replaced my Linksys WAG160N (what a pile of junk!) with a TP-LINK TD-W8960N.

The new router (which was a lot cheaper than the Linksys) is working perfectly but I have noticed a strange thing.

I have set the SSID of the router as 'TP-LINK'. If I hover the mouse pointer over the connection icon in the systray, however, the pop-up window shows:

Currently connected to: TP-LINK 2 (TP-LINK)

I just wonder where the '2' has come from?

The SSID of the Linksys router was just 'Linksys', and if I hovered the mouse over the connection icon the window just stated:

Currently connected to: Linksys.

There isn't a problem - but I'm just intrigued as to why the SSID of 'TP-LINK' has changed to 'TP-LINK 2 (TP-LINK)'.

Anyone have an explanation?


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Probably due to two device installs in Windows, which increments a number for subsequent installs.

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John Navas

You are Vista.

Go into Manage Wireless Networks.

You can get there from CP/ Network and Sharing Center or via that systray R click.

See if you have (inadvertently) created two TP-LINKs in 'Networks you can view and modify'.

Sometimes during the wizard stage you can make more than one.

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Mike Easter

Nope - that doesn't appear to be it. The only two networks available were the new TP-LINK - plus my old 'Linksys' network (which I removed as I don't need it anymore).

Anyway - it doesn't really matter. The network is working well - and that's a refreshing change from the Linksys WAG160N which must be one of the most useless routers available!

Thanks for the suggestion however.

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Managed to sort it. Went into Network and Sharing Center and just re-named 'TP-Link 2' by removing the '2'.

Now, hovering the mouse cursor over the connection icon, just gives me 'Currently connected to TP-LINK.

Tks for your advice.

-- Kev

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