To make a wired network cam wireless

I've one wired network cam that sure would be nice sitting in a spot were
it's hard to get a cat5 to. There is one wifi cam in that area, very
nearby - almost be nice to bridge a switch and wire both cams from that.
Always doing some changes here - a multipurpose bridge/AP might be nice but
I'm cheap - $25 extra wont matter though?
Recommend me something that you know works. Single Bridge or multipurpose
do-it-all something.
Need basic wifi-g WPA - Going to talk to the home ActionTec verizon wifi
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if it is a webcam attached to a computer you can go the webcam over your network with a remote access program like vnc.
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thanks but no, its a network camera ... stand alone camera with an embedded server and single mac/ip/ethernet port. I'll just order one of the multi mode wifi access points - guess not many have experience enough to recommend anything other than the standard router/ap's in the group here.
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