Wireless Cameras by D-link problems.

I was networking the D-link Wiress Cameras (DCS-2100+) to record a birth of a horse. I can get the cameras to work within the house with the wireless router. There is about 250ft to another office where I set up a wireless access point. From there it is about 175ft at the most to the cameras in the stall. I was on the phone with D-link for 2 days trying to set this system up. Eventually they told me the WAP was not going to work from that distance and the only way to check this was if the cameras were working near the WAP (which they weren't when the cameras were right next to it). They also told me the lights on the WAP (WLAN and LAN), didn't mean anything. They had their head of technical support on the phone with me. I need to get these cameras up by May. The problem is that the barn is completely metal, wired for electricity and phone lines (DSL is not available though). Should I hard wire them from the router to another router/hub/switch in the office then wire the cameras to that? Or can anyone suggest a better wireless method? I need the cameras to be seen on the internet for this ranch's website. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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It's best to hardwire if you can. Does your phone line run directly to your home or office? Is it Cat5 (8-wire) cable? If so, you would be able to transmit video over that. Otherwise if you can run one to your office, that would be better and more reliable than WiFi.

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Mark Thomas

There are enhanced antennas for some access points that may help.

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What you may need to do is get a wireless bridge and connect it to the cat5 connection on the cam. You can use a long run of wire and mount the bridge high up on the outside of the stall where it may be able to connect to the access point in the office. You could also connect another wireless access point to the lan in the office, and mout this access point outside the office high up so the bridge and the access point have direct line of sight connection. You can use only 4 of the 8 wires in the cat5 for the ethernet connection, allowing 2 of the other 4 wires to be used for power and ground going to the outside bridge and remote. The below news group has a lot of wireless postings. There are other wireless setups for wireless analog cams that would connect to a computer.


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Si Ballenger

Hi, You can use a long run of wire and mount the bridge high up on the outside of the stall where it may be able to connect to the access point in the office.

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The metal barn is effectively shielding it against the transmission. The cheapest way to get this to work is to connect an external antenna to the camera and place this antenna outside the barn towards the access point. If the camera has no connector for an external antenna you can open the case and solder it to the board in place of the built-in (voids the warranty).


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Markus Baertschi

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