how to do a wireless ?

hi! I bought myself a benq Awl 500 AP which is connected to biquad antenna with lmr cabel. I have some difficulties, i would need this aP to work in client mode so i could put it on my house-roof. Is there a way to flash this ap, i tried to find some utilities....

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That doesn't appear to be a mainstream device. Bite the bullet an buy a $70 or so Linksys WAP54G Access Point and select client mode operation.

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The Benq does not appear to have a client mode, nor, it seems, does it do WPA security. Though it does support Radius... If you can return it, do so. There are others that do more and are cheap enough.

The ASUS routers have USB ports and support DD-WRT firmware which adds many many functions, including AP, Client Bridge, Bridge Repeater,WDS etc. Also Tomato firmware works on it and is said to be very simple and reliable as a router, client or AP.

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Return the Benq or keep it as an AP someplace that doesn't need effective security.


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