thinking about getting wireless

i dont know much about it ... what do i need to know...?

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Lets start by asking what is it that you want to do?

a) Connect to the internet at home wirelessly to a home access point b) Sit in a hotspot such as McDonalds/Hotel/Starbucks and use an access point there c) Hijack your neighbours wireless signal d) Connect to the wireless LAN at your place of work? e) All of the above f) None of the above


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David Taylor

Most people just get a wireless NAT router one of the *G* versions using WPA, which is the lastest in wireless encryption, one gets a wireless card or cards for the computers and one learns to secure his or her wireless situation.

The link has some helpful information about wireless.

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This is a link about securing your home situation that most wireless users are not aware of from the start.

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Duane :)

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