confused about 802.11i (wep2)

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I am confused. :'(

I took a trip over to wi-fi's wep2 (802.11i) certified page

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and selected 802.11g and wep2 personal. Got a bunch of hits.

Confusion: some vendors have certified access points (AP's) but no internal cards. Others (Intel) have tons of cards and no AP's. Are not both needed to make 802.11i operate?

Also, is 602.11i implemented in hardware or software on the remote (laptop) side? Do I just need a software driver or a whole new card? How does this work?

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Anthony Ewell
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Yes, but its a Standard. This means that cards from one vendor will interoperate with APs from a different one. This is pretty much the point in standardising it.

No idea, sorry. I'd expect both to be needed tho I could be wrong.

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Mark McIntyre

On Thu, 09 Dec 2004 16:45:53 +0000, Mark McIntyre spoketh

I would expect some newer devices to be upgradable via drivers and firmware. Which devices is up to the manufacturer to decide...

Lars M. Hansen

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