RCA DCM245 or RCA DCM305 Firmware?

Hello ... Does anyone have the latest or ANY firmware for the RCA/Thomson DCM 245 or DCM 305 models? I am experiencing HUGE packet loss and I was told the newest firmware correctes the issue with the RCA's and my ISP does not have acces to it ...

if so could you please let me know as I would love a copy ....

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Even if you got it, you probably couldn't load it. Firmware updates are typically only possible through the ISP. It's part of a check when it connects.

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Andrew Rossmann

You forgot one other very important part: The new firmware needs to be tested with the ISP's network.

Not all firmware updates are suitable for every network, and just as the firmware they replace had bugs, the new firmware also has bugs. Some firmware updates are actually intended for specific ISP's, and not for others. New firmware may also require new config files to be written by the engineers at the ISP.

Once the firmware is tested, found to be compatible with the network, and any required alterations are made to the config file, it will be scheduled to be pushed-out to the modems. If it fails the testing, it won't be pushed-out.

I don't know who told the original poster that new firmware would solve his problems, but that's not something that can be easily determined. The fact that there is a version of the firmware with a higher number, or later release date available certainly doesn't mean it is appropriate for anyone. There has to be more information known.

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The only way for you to upgrade the firmware on your modem is to call your ISP and request they do it for you. The bad thing about these new DOCSIS cable modems is the part of the specs that dictate that only the ISP can upgrade the modem firmware.

Unless you have a forward thinking ISP, and they are as rare as hen's teeth, expect great resistance & feigned ignorance when you call requesting such. And judging from your message it sounds like you are already getting the feigned ignorance line. Every ISP has access to every modem manufacturer's firmware revisions. All they need do is call the modem manufacturer and request it. If you choose to pursue this quest, you will have to get past the lower level techs who either do not know it is possible to do or if they do know it is possible do not have the authorization or system access rights to perform the procedure. Once you get to the higher level techs, you will have to find one that isn't lazy & is willing to put down his doughnut long enough to make a 3 minute phone call.

Maestro, cue up the Mission Impossible theme music now, please...

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Of course, Warren. Everything you say is true. I was typing that reply from work and didn't have time to type all that out. I wasn't too worried. I knew one of the knowledgeable folk would follow along behind me and fill in all the holes in my post.


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