Still WRT54G probs

To recap:), got Winbook laptop 1st floor, desktop and WRT54G on 3rd floor. Works OK mostly...better since SSID changed, in case local similar router(s) were interfering on same default SSID.

Over a day, or sometimes in short time, Speed varies from 5.5 Mb to

50+ Mb, and Signal Strength varies from Very Low to Very Good. Slow/Fast does not necessarily correlate with Low/Good...I can get slow/good or fast/low.

And it drops, or comes on unconnected, at various and unpredictable times, tho it seems to happen most often, say, 5-7 PM. A techie once told me that was due to closing businesses turning on alarms, but this is a residential neighborhood...there are a few oold small stores

2-3 blocks away, not much else.

I don't know to blame the router or the laptop wireless card/software or the relative location/antenna orientation/whatever.

I wouldn't normally suspect the laptop, but: an hour ago I restarted the laptop, which had been connected before that, and it came on with no connection. Restarted twice more - same result. Bur right-click the TV icon in system tray -> View Available Networks showed window titled Wireless Network Connection, with a little bar graph at top right saying (when you point at it) "Signal Strength:Very Good...when it won't even connect!! Could it be the computer, not router or other reason?

I don't know where to go, and gotta do it this summer, as laptop and router are under warrenty til early Sept. Ideas? Thanks,


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