Slow pings to router

i have 2 computers, a laptop & a desktop (PC). They both connect to a netgear wireless router - the laptop, without any problems.

The PC was fine for about 2 years. However, it recently had a netgear wireless card die - loads of BSODs, etc. So, i replaced the wireless card with a Linksys card. Worked OK, solved the problem and gave a stable connection for a while.

Now though, i have problems connecting to the wireless router from the PC. can still connect fine from the laptop, so i don't think there are any hardware issues with the router, etc. I changed the channel of the router from 6 to 11 - and it has improved the performance somewhat (i can now at least connect from the PC) - but i am still suffering very slow pings to the router.

Laptop pings (from the same room) sit at around 3ms However, the PC pings can fluctuate to over 2000ms, but usually sit around 300ms...

Does anyone have any suggestions for a cause (and solution) to the problem?

Help is appreciated!

BTW - i have tried a firmware upgrade, but it seems as if i'm on the latest...


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