slow loading wireless device pages

could anyone possibly shed some light on this situation i am having?

the router (linksys WRT350N) is set to wpa security and has one wireless device connected to it. on this device there is a webpage (the device's ip address) that acts as a general "settings" page. most importantly on here you are able to enter the security settings of the router so that the two will be able to talk to each other in a secured environment.

the problem is that this device settings page loads incredibly slow (and sometimes freezes during the loading process). only one time out of 5 or 6 was i able to access the webpage (obviously i am doing this while the router is temporarily set to open so i can add the settings).

what can be the reason why this wireless device webpage is running so slowly? the router & the device are about 10 feet from each other so signal strength is not an issue. could it possibly be that the bandwidth on the channel is clogged? this shouldn't really be the case considering there is only one device on the router (also, i'm able to quickly access internet webpages).

thanks in advance

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