Share wifi but NOT network

How can I configure my router and/or network so that anyone can surf
the web on
my wifi but cannot access my shared files? I have often been the
beneficiary of other people's wifi and would like to share my internet
connection, but at the same time I don't want to compromise my private
files and overall security.
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Hardware, firmware?
What are we talking about, you don't give a clue. On my WRT54G running DD-WRT, this is easy, is this the hardware and firmware you are using?
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Thank you. I am new to this group and so do excuse leaving out the vital bits.
I have a Linksys WRT54G which has ver. 1.1 written on the box. I have never upgraded the firmware but I believe I have the latest drivers. My modem is a Netgear DM602.
Rico wrote:
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I looged into my router's IP address but I found no option for what I'm attempting to do. The firmware version at the top said Firmware Version: v1.42.2.
woolfie wrote:
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On 11 Jul 2006 12:50:31 -0700, "woolfie" wrote in :
You need either a hotspot router or upgraded firmware that segregates wireless clients from each other.
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John Navas
You need to use a PFW and block all IP(s) on your LAN, except for those IP(s) you want to share files. You can also disable MS File and Print Sharing service on the wireless card. You don't present the service on the wireless NIC and and you won't share files.
Duane :)
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Duane Arnold
Thanks. Can you please tell me what a PFW is? If I were to disable MS File and Print Sharing on the wifi card then I also won't be able to share between my own computers, which I do want to do.
I want internet for anyone but file sharing only for the coputers within my home.
Duane Arnold wrote:
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Personal Fire Wall wrote:
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gene martinez
Why don't you just take advantage of the security already built into windows networking? File sharing requires a valid username/password. Assign a strong password to the machines that are to share files and keep that password secret from other network users who are to be excluded from the shares.
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Only if you have XP Pro. The Home edition has most of the security removed, presumably because MS decided that home users were too dumb to operate dangerous machinery.
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Mark McIntyre
Oh my. Now I understand why this question keeps popping up. Thanks.
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On 14 Jul 2006 00:32:54 -0700, wrote in :
You'll at least want very strong passwords on those shares and a software firewall (the Windows XP firewall at a minimum) with everything unnecessary closed. Even so, you'll still be exposed to attacks from wireless clients.
If you really want to be safe, then, per my original response, you'll want to segregate wireless from wired with:
(a) wireless hotspot-type router .
(b) 3rd-party firmware
(c) isolated subnets; e.g.,
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