Set up wifi card prior to router?

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In other words, you are asking the questions, but you are not actually going to implement the answers yourself anyway.

Either you are doing this or you are passing the information on to the person who needs it. Either way, the advice is the same.

As all (or nearly) of us have said, ignore it unless you are compelled to use it to solve a problem. Some ISP's might require it for their modem and then the router has to spoof it and ...well you are confused enought already. Ignore it unless you have a real problem and then ask.o

That's because you got on the wrong track when somebody partially explained it to you and then ignored the rest of us who chimed in with info that conflicts with the first thing you latched onto.

Just use WPA long password. It's the only thing that really matters. The rest is pointless.

YES. Unless somebody has erroneously turned MAC filtering on at the router If so, then turn it off. If your router company advice is otherwise, then they are out of date. WPA is what you need for security.

This registration process appears to be recommended by the


This is like tying up your bicycle with a rope first and then introducing a lock and chain as a "security level to be invoked on top" of the rope. It just causes you more hassle.

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Ditto. At last someone agrees with me. :) []'s

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You are absolutely correct--use 64 characters

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it's been an interesting thread...

Where are you located ? What country (since you said "chap") ?

Is this an apartment, school, etc - and you are a new resident ?

As others have asked - what's the model of the PCI card ?

It always helps to share the total story, as certain details may neglected.... like where are you vs the AP ?

You certainly can totally install your card and have a look around for any other Wireless Access Points - and what channels they are on...

When the router gets installed by the "owner" (landlord ?) then you merely can config your card for access.

The issue with creating the MAC address filter - is management logistics by the "owner".

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Thanks for all the info.

Best wishes

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