Retrieving WAN IP address directly from a Linksys WRT64G Broadband Router

I was browsing groups earlier this week and noticed lots of folks wanting to retrieve their broadband router's WAN IP address without relying on an internet site.

Here's a VBScript that will do it from within Windows. It can be easily tweaked for other broadband routers.


Dr. C. ____________________________________________________________________ SCRIPT: '============================================================ ' *Retrieve WAN IP* (c)2006 F.M. Covington, Lancanyon Labs '============================================================ 'This script retrieves the WAN IP address directly from a Linksys WRT64G broadband router. 'Replace default internal router IP address and password as necessary. '============================================================ Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") xml.Open "GET", "", True, "UserName","admin" xml.Send wscript.sleep 1500 x=15 IP = mid(xml.responsetext,instr(xml.responsetext,"var wan_ip = ")+14,x) do while instr(IP,"""") x=x-1 IP=mid(IP,1,x) loop wscript.echo "Current IP Address: "&vbcrlf& IP '=============================================================

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I think you mean WRT54G in the Subject: line. Very nice VBS "scraper". Mind if I "borrow" it?

Here's how to do roughly the same thing with SNMP and WRT54G with DD-WRT v23 SP2.

In the WRT54G, enable SNMP under Administration -> Services -> SNMP Save settings.

Fill in the fields. These are mine: SNMP [x] Enable Disable Location Fort Fungus Contact Name My home router RO Community public RW Community private

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