Restrict Printing on Linksys WRT54G


I have some LAN computers and wireless laptops connected to a Linksys WRT54G router that I would like to restrict the ability to print from some of the clients. How could this be accomplished if at all?


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Short answer, no.

But you don't mention how the printer is connected, and it's make/model.

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Bill Kearney

If the printer is a network printer, then you can setup an access control policy for it;but then this has nothing to do with the Linksys wireless router at all!


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In the past, I have set up a print server that required a login for each print job, and enforced maximum page limits per job depending on the printer and the user. It could just as well have checked for the originating machine. Unfortunately for you, the only Windows machines were the clients. The printers and the above code were controlled by a Linux server, but I think that Windows Server 2003 could probably handle this type of situation. I agree that the router is immaterial.


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Larry Finger

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