Scenario 4: Multi Areas OSPF

Just sharing one of my scenario. Hope it can helps for those who are pursuing CCNA/CCNP.

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Configure the routers using the following information:

  • Each router connected using point-to-point network link. * Serial link on Router 3 (R3) to Router 4 (R4) is DTE-DCE. * Use only OSPF routing protocol. * Each OSPF process should use Router number (Eg. Router 1 (R1) has OSPF process ID 1). * Do not use Loopback interface. * Use specific Router ID using address 20.20.20. (Eg. Router 1 (R1) has Router ID * Do not involve any Designated Router (DR). * Do not use dynamic layer 3 to layer 2 mapping on any of these frame relay connections, instead, use static mapping. * Frame relay link between R3 and R4 is provided as backup link. Use the Serial link as primary link. Do not use backup interface command to accomplish this. * Router 4 (R4) should not receive ospf summary and external updates from Router 3 (R3). * Routing in Router 4 (R4) should appear as follows: is subnetted, 2 subnets C is directly connected, Serial0.1 C is directly connected, Serial1 O*IA [110/74] via, 00:00:36, Serial1
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