program to find WEP encription

hi group
anyone know how find the key WEP encription in wireless net
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Very simple. Just log into your WiFi router and copy it out onto paper. All you need is the IP address, your username, and your password. Very simple. I change my WEP from time to time and this process works every time it's tried.
Oh.... you mean you want to HACK someone's WiFi.... Isn't that the whole purpose of WEP?
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My reply is the same as I made to your earlier post.
The fact that you want to break into an encrypted network would seem to indicate that you're up to no good. The network is encrypted for a reason...that reason being to keep unauthorized persons from connecting to it.
Internet access is dirt cheap nowadays (even if it's only dialup). I would suggest that you fork over a few dollars and stay legal. The alternative would be to ask your neighbors to try to find out who has the internet access. Then you could offer them a few dollars and ask their permission to join the network and still be legal. Or does that sound too hard?
My network is encrypted because I don't like freeloaders on my nickel and browsing the contents of my computer. I bet your neighbors feel the same way but just ask them. You might be surprised.
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