Search WEP Encription (Rectified)

i think that my question isn't not explain to my dude
in my home i detected a wireless net, and i don't have internet my home,
exist any program that can search this WEP encription, i don't know, send
diferent key encription since to connect or something
i have windows xp SP2 and a Laptop VAIO PCG-K33F
i think the access point is 2WIRE, i don't have physical access to this AP
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The fact that you want to break into an encrypted network would seem to indicate that you're up to no good. The network is encrypted for a reason...that reason being to keep unauthorized persons from connecting to it.
Internet access is dirt cheap nowadays (even if it's only dialup). I would suggest that you fork over a few dollars and stay legal. The alternative would be to ask your neighbors to try to find out who has the internet access. Then you could offer them a few dollars and ask their permission to join the network and still be legal. Or does that sound too hard?
My network is encrypted because I don't like freeloaders on my nickel and browsing the contents of my computer. I bet your neighbors feel the same way but just ask them. You might be surprised.
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Sounds like you want to connect to this unknown lan which belongs to someone else. I assume you realise that especially given that its encrypted this is illegal.
Plenty of programmes exist to break WEP. A websearch may turn them up, but its not likely anyone here will help you much, since you seem to be trying to break into someone else's network?
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