problems with new wireless NIC

I just purchased a new Dell lattitude 630 running XP pro w/SP2 and a built-in Intel Pro/wireless 3945ABG Network card (that apparently runs using either 802.11g/a). I also have a linksys router/AP with 4 ethernet 10/100 ports and that supports 802.11g/b

the AP I have is running

1) WEP 2) 128 bit encryption

I removed mac address filtering

I have another laptop that is connected via the AP, (its using 802.11b) its associated and has an ip via DHCP, however with the new laptop I can:

1) associate with the new AP

I can:

1) get an ip address but ironcially its not in the range of IPS that my AP is handing out, my ip address range is my new laptop gets this IP

I have:

1) verified that with the new laptop I am associating with my AP and not someone elses' who didn't turn off broadcast and my wireless NIC sees it

I could always try to manually set the NIC to a static address but I really would like DHCP to work, any ideas? Sounds like it could be a driver issue, but the driver is has it the most up-to-date one.


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