Belkin PreN Notebook Network card problem

I have a Gateway 7426GX latop with WinXP Home with all updates. I have a Belkin PRE N WAP and it works great and it also has the latest drivers installed.. The built in G wireless in the laptop works perfectly for several days in a row if I leave the computer on.. When I bought the Belkin I also bought a matching Belkin Wireless notebook card. I have the F5D8010 ver 1002 notebook card with the latest drivers installed on the notebook. The notebook card has had a problem from day 1 and that is that the card fails after about 4 hours of working. the card works great and then it locks up and stops transferring data...the laptop is fine but the card fails. I pull the card out and pop it back in and it works for another couple of hours and then it fails again and this will go on all day long. i dont think it is heat as i have pulled it out and felt it but it doesnt feel hot.

Has anyone else had issues with this wirless card?

Thanks Joe in San Mateo

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Apparently the people at Belkin have had issues with this version of this card before. They are shipping me a replacement ASAP.

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