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if i have two computers in a room both having 802.11G bekin adapters will i be able to share a printer or do i need an access point?



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Set the adapters to Ad Hoc mode and the same Channel.

Windows resource sharing relies on communication on channels 137,

137, 138. Ensure that no software firewall (including Windows Firewall or ICF) is blocking communication on these ports - there's usually an option somewhere for 'allow others to share my files and printers' or similar.

If you mark the printer as shared on the directly connected PC, then use Add Printer on the other and browse for a network printer, everything should work just fine.

Hope this helps

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Richard Perkin

I think the poster meant ports when referring to Windows resource sharing.

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Hiram Hackenbacker

Hiram Hackenbacker wrote in news:

Apologies, a typo - I did indeed mean ports. Must learn to engage brain before applying fingers to keyboard :(

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Richard Perkin

There are only 14 channels.

Ensure that no software firewall (including Windows


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