Anyone using 2 WUSB54g's

Is anyone other then me using 2 WUSB54G's off the same AP.. I have a WAP54g and 2 New Dell pc's and am trying to use USB adapters to connect.. having all sorts of problems, Can't share printer between the two, Getting "access violation at address 004075e5 module WUSB54G4.exe of address 00000368" on both PC's and having connect issues (one or the other drops off the net)

Thanks Ted O.

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It really does sound like some kind of collision, if the computer names are different, then check the MAC address of each computer separately in the DHCP Clients List of the AP.

[You've killed the context by starting a new thread, so I can't remember what you've tried, but a full reset on the router plus loading the latest firmware (for that hardware rev level) plus removing and reinstalling the USB drivers, plus computer name collision, plus MAC address collision, plus some wierd driver interaction are about all I can think of.]

I suppose it's possible that they've implemented the backoff algorythm in a deterministic way, so a single collision will result in both clients backing off the same amount time after time after time, and finally falling over with an unchecked failure condition, so you might try the earliest revision of driver on one machine and the latest revision on another machine, but that's a long-shot.

I'd try another vendor's USB adapter on one of the machines and return one of the WUSB54Gs, but I'd resist using USB WiFi adapters at all. I've had really poor luck with them, and find that a WAP54G in client mode is far better for fixed installations.

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William P.N. Smith

I started a new thread because the other one "access violation at address 004075e5 module WUSB54G4.exe of address 00000368" came to a dead end. You have given me different things to look at here.. Also I wanted to see if Anyone other then me was trying to use 2 of the USB adapters off same AP.. Thatnks ,Ted O.

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