Printer problems continue. Was: Printer problems. What am I doin wrong.

I am really getting frustrated. All seems to be set up. I even tried
another printer. So now I have 2 printers that work to this computer. The
kids computer upstairs will not print to anything.
I am getting so confused I don't know what all I have tried. But I have
renamed the printers, tried with the Firewall disabled. The printers are
listed on the kids computers upstairs. All seems to work well, but when I
come downstairs and look hopefully at the printer(s) NOTHING.
Running XP on all 3. (Mine was an upgrade from ME). The printers are older
but they work fine with this computer.
Internet and email works fine
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David Lawson
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computer. The
printers are
Not sure what you have tried. But have you done this. You have to make the printers shared first off. Now you need to know the name of the computer its attached to and the name of the printer that is being shared. Then on your computer, click add printer, select network printer, if it ask you to search or put in the name of the printer, type in \computernameprintername for example my computers name is mortorforken and my printer name is dumbprinter so it is \mortorforkendumbprinter
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Airhead, THANK YOU, that did the trick and possiblt diverted my trip to psych ward.
Thanks soooo much. Much joy and happiness in this house now.
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David Lawson
No problem, glad to help............pass on the happiness.
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