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I am not sure if this is the correct newsgroup for this query, please advise if not!

I have an ADSL modem-wireless-router and wish to print, from my wireless enabled lap-top to a remote printer. Sending an ethernet cable or an USB cable is not really practical in this location, which raises the question, is it possible to link to the remote printer, a conventional ink-jet with USB, fitted with a cheap USB wireless stick?

I realise there are wirless enabled print servers but this seems to be rather an expensive overkill, if USB means what it says on the can, i.e Universal!

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In a word, no. You forget that in order to reach it over the network, you'll have to supply the printer with an IP address. Unless it has built-in wireless networking support, the only way to do this is to connect it to a server on the network-either a computer on which it's set up to be shared or the overkill solution you express your disdain for below.

...and now you know why it's so expensive.

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Jonathan L. Parker

No. Any USB device (think of it as a client) requires a host computer (think of it as a server) that holds the necessary USB drivers. Therefore a USB printer (a client) can't be connected to a wireless USB device another client).

Dlink DPR-1260 Print Server with 4 USB 2.0 Ports

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You can set the DLink with a static IP or DHCP it and find it with a network device name.

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Actually, yes (but only in some circumstances, and the two ways i have used are expensive)... one way was to use an older broken keyboard computer (bought it for $25 at a flea market, had an external USB keyboard in my junk pile, just plugged it in, used it instead of the laptops broken keyboard, and it worked fine, have it on the wireless network and had a shared USB printer on it, bonus I also had a 500GB External USB disk hooked to it, so I could share that on the network too), second way (I went to when I added a TB of network storage, is with a buffalo tech linkserver live

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provides various sizes of network storage, and has two USB ports that can support specific printers (think it will work with most, but not Multifunction Devices - it says Built-in Print Server to Print Files from Anywhere on your Network. Multi-function printers not supported. Works in Windows only.)

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Peter Pan

Overkill or not that's the least hassle. Just make sure to be using a printer, not a multifunction device with scanning, faxing and the like.

-Bill Kearney

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Bill Kearney

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