Netgear XE102 powerline adapters

I was trying to move an xbox 360 to a new location, and was attempting to re-use an old Linksys WAP11 as a bridge to our WAP54G.... couldn't get it to work -

After looking at the data stream with our protocol analyzer, it appeared that the ARP's were getting lost, blocked, or dropped somewhere..

OK - plan B - always wanted to try some of those powerline adapters... Found some Netgear XE102 (pair) on eBay - bought it - just plugged them in...

Work great - I also downloaded the manual & User Utility in case they were needed. Was curious about a couple of things - mainly protocol - so... as usual - fired up the protocol analyzer.

Well - these specific devices are using Appletalk to chat out the world with Appletalk broadcasts - every 3secs or so - probably for device & user utility discovery -

Speed - the User Utility displays what speed the "HomePlug" device is running. When they are plugged next to each other - I see the rated 14Mbps. When I move one end to the far side of the house, it drops down to about


Remember.... these powerline devices are using the AC wires as a electrical path, with a carrier to transmit the data across the wires - sorta like DSL - with your circuit breaker panel acting like the hub - So - 2 rooms next to each other might have to go all the way to the panel & back - vs just going next door.

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oops - the Appletalk broadcast were actually from another device - a Netgear Print Server - advertising it's "services" -

-------------->>>> oops - the Appletalk broadcast were from a different device - a Netgear Print Server - broadcasting it's "services" - --------------------------------

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Do you mean Megabits (Mbps) or Megabytes (MBps) ?

If it's only giving 3 Mbps then its not worth having.


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me here

you may want to look at some of the faster models

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102's are the slowest at 14(also 20 bucks cheaper), they also have em (103) up to 85, and (104) up to 200.... Have no clue what they may finally slow down to, but with the 85 its probably as fast as my internet connection.... i use 103's between my main router and the xbox, and another wap/router i put outside by the hammock during the summer months so i can nap and surf :)

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Peter Pan

here's a link to some of the technical background to the HomePlug technical workings...

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